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How to be a leader? Everybody knows that if you want to be a leader, you must have some Leadership characteristics. You must be brave, knowledgeable, as well as able to manage your team members so that the goal can be achieved. Headhunter website also gives you some tips and trick about leaderships.

Well, in case you already have them all, how to show others so that they choose you to be the leader. Companies or institutions like headhunter website may do things like voting or discussion to elect their leaders. So, here are some efforts to make them trust in you.

Assertive but Friendly

If there is someone in your team who violates the rule, you must be assertive to warn him or her, no matter how good his or her work or how influential he or is. This makes other team members see that you are a fair person and fairness is one of the characteristics to have by a leader.

While being assertive you must also be friendly toward others. Show them that everybody is equal in your team even if one day you are their leader. In addition, if there are inferior members in your team, you must treat them well and involve them in every activity. This characteristic just makes them respect you even more. More information about this can be found in headhunter website.

Dare to Speak Up Your Mind

Everybody has his or her own idea for sure. However, not all of them are brave enough to speak up. So, if you want to be a good leader, you must always dare to speak up your mind when there is a discussion or meeting. Well, it is no matter how controversial your idea is. Remember, make sure that your idea is always for the good of all.

Thinking Out of the Box

A leader must be knowledgeable for sure. But more than that, the ideas coming to your mind should be out of the box. More than that, appreciate also the member’s ideas that are different from others. It just shows that you are open-minded and this character is indeed needed in a good leader.

A Good Decision Maker

When you are a leader, sometimes, you must decide in an urgent situation. Well, if being a leader is your goal, make sure to practice decision-making starting from now. Don’t worry, every decision must have side effects as well as pros and cons. Just go with it. Of course, it is with a principle that your decision is the best and for the sake of the goodness of the team.

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